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18 Years Old Young Pakistani Boy Wedding Pictures Gone Viral on Social Media

So, marriage of an 18 year old couple is the talk of town now a days. Couple of days ago pictures and dance videos of couple went viral. Groom and bride looked so young by the faces. Groom Asad Khan is the brother of a famous tik tok-er and cosmetologist Zarpash Khan. Asad Khan and Nimra Asad’s wedding pictures took the internet by storm. People can’t stop themselves from pointing out the young age of couple specially the groom. Zarpash Khan in one of her Instagram post answered all the questions that her brother wanted to marry this girl and when he asked his parents, they had no problem with it. The couple got engaged and after a year they both got married. She further added that the couple will move to Oman soon and they will carry on their studies together. As soon as the picture went viral, people started mocking the boy. Some people on the other hand supported the fact that they adopted a Halal way. Here we have a few comments and memes about the wedding. Let’s have a look at them:

We wish this couple a very best of luck as they are starting this new phase of their life. Share your views about these pictures with us in comments section!

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